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  BACH FLOWER REMEDIES - Level 1 Courses  


This course is for you ... if you want to :

Understand yourself better
Lift out of difficult moods and feelings
Work on changing aspects of your personality
Help family and friends with the Bach Remedies
Use the Remedies with plants and animals
Train to become a practitioner (this is the 1st step)

This course will cover:

The history and philosophy of Dr. Bach and his discovery of the Remedies. How the Remedies are prepared, how they are taken and how they work.
When to use each of the 38 Remedies as well as Rescue Remedy/Rescue Cream.
How to make up a treatment bottle and use the Remedies in everyday situations.
Using the Remedies with friends and family as well as plants and animals.
An opportunity to try out the Remedies for yourself.

The remedies were discovered by an eminent physician, Dr. Edward Bach more than 60 years ago and are prepared from the flowers of wild plants, bushes and trees. None of them is harmful or habit-forming; they can be safely given to babies, children, adults, pets and plants! They are simple and easy to use. The 38 Bach Flower Remedies, each for a different mood, emotion or personality type gently restore the balance between mind, body and spirit by helping you to overcome worry, hopelessness, irritability, etc. and work towards a healing on all levels.

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I am hosting these via Zoom. The next one will be held in October; 6 sessions of two hours from 5th to 10th October. 09.45-11.45 (UK time) Click the enquiries button to reserve a place or ask a question. The course costs £160 and comes with a certificate from The Bach Centre

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