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Scented Pelargoniums

These pelargoniums are grown for their aromatic or scented leaves. Many have attractive flowers.

Ardwick Cinnamon: Fragrant leaves of Cinnamon. Grey green foliage. Small White flowers.

Ashby: Fragrant leaves of aromatic Rose. Large blooms of bright Wine.

Atomic Snowflake: Fragrant leaves of Lemon/Rose - variegated. Flowers Mauve.

Attar of Roses: Fragrant leaves of Rose. Flowers of Lilac/Pink - prolific.

Charity: Fragrant leaves of Orange - variegated. Flowers Mauve/Pink.

Chocolate Peppermint: Fragrant leaves of Peppermint. Flowers Pink.

Cola Bottles: Fragrant leaves of Spicy Cola. Flowers Pink to deep Lilac.

Copthorne: Fragrant leaves of Cedar/Spice. Flowers Pink, upper petals veined with Purple blotch, lower twin veins

Crispum 'Variegatum': Fragrant leaves of Lemon - variegated. Flowers, pale pink - dainty.

Cy's Sunburst: Fragrant leaves of Lemon - variegated bright green edged gold. Flowers pale Pink.

Denticulatum 'Filicifolium': Fragrant leaves of balsam - fern like and sticky. Flowers small and pale mauve.

Fragrans: Fragrant leaves of Nutmeg - Grey green foliage. Small flowers - White.

Fragrans 'Variegatum': Fragrant leaves of Nutmeg and are creamy yellow. Small flowers - White.

Gemstone: Fragrant leaves of Lemon. Flowers pink with upper petals deeper pink - veined

Islington Peppermint: Fragrant leaves of peppermint. Flowers - Upper petals Burgundy with lower White.

Lady Plymouth: Fragrant leaves of Citrus/Rose - variegated. Flowers Lavender.

Lara Ballerina: Fragrant leaves of Roses. Large blooms, semi-double salmon pink - Profuse.

Lara Candy Dancer: Fragrant leaves of Rose Lemon/Turkish Delight. Flowers, Mauve to light Pink.

Lara Starshine: Fragrant leaves of Lemon. Large blooms of bright Pink - Profuse.

Lemon Fancy: Fragrant leaves of Lemon Sherbet. Large flowers of Lilac.

Limonum: Fragrant leaves of Spicy Lemon. Flowers are Pink with Cherry veins with blotch on upper petals.

Mabel Grey: Fragrant leaves of Lemon Sherbet. Flowers pale Purple.

oderatissimum: Fragrant leaves of fresh Apple. Flowers small white - Prolific.

Old Spice: Fragrant leaves of Spice and are small and Grey Green. Flowers are small and White. A Compact plant.

Orange Fizz: Fragrant leaves of Orange. Flowers are Mauve veined purple - Prolific.

Prince of Orange: Fragrant leaves of Orange. Flowers are pale Pink/Mauve with Purple spot - Prolific.

Radula: Fragrant leaves of Sherbet Lemon. Flowers are Pink and Purple.

Robers Lemon Rose: Fragrant Leaves of Lemon with Rose undertones. Flowers are Pink and veined.

Royal Oak: Fragrant leaves of Spicy Oak. Flowers are Purple/Pink.

Shottesham Pet: Fragrant leaves of Spicy Nutty aroma. Flowers are small - bright Pink - Prolific.

Sweet Mimosa: Fragrant leaves of Rose Balsam. Flowers are candy floss Pink - Prolific.

Tomentosum: Fragrant leaves of Peppermint and are large, soft and velvety. Flowers are insignificant and white. Will make a large plant.

Torrento: Fragrant leaves of light Ginger. Flowers are pale Mauve.

Welling: Fragrant leaves of Balsam. Flowers are Red - Prolific.

Unique Pelargoniums
These pelargoniums are a species hybrids. They will grow quite large and flower constantly. Some have scented leaves.

Fieldings Unique
Golden Clorinda
Jessel's Unique
Madam Nonin
Paton's Unique
Purple Unique
Scarlet Pet
White Unique


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